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Springboard: Core Values

Research Based Programming – Our programming is based on academic research regarding students learning – academic skills, social-emotional development, physical well-being and healthy choices.

Captivating Student Activities – Our programs deliver exciting, motivating and fun activities for students that extend their learning into the out-of-school-time environment.

High Quality Staff – Our programs are staffed with experienced teachers who are deeply committed to improving educational outcomes for children.

Close School Partnerships – Our programs work best when they are deeply embedded within our partner schools’ community and are aligned to the needs and culture of each school.

Parent Engagement – We regularly connect with parents through multiple modes of communication.

Safe Environment – We ensure a safe and nurturing environment for every student in our programs.

“Springboard has been a collaborative and cooperative partner in the development of our scholars. The company’s curriculum offers much more than the typical after-school program curriculum and centers on a well-balanced approach to learning.”

Andria McMichael, Ed.D Regional Director Imagine Schools

Program Model

At Springboard we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all when it comes to our approach to our partner schools and school districts. That’s because each partner has their unique needs and expectations.

We offer various times and types of programming:

  • Before school programming
  • After school programming
  • Enrichment Activities

Depending on the school, we are able to offer several models for payment:

  • Parent-pay
  • School Scholarship
  • State Voucher
  • Hybrid

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates the latest research on factors that drive student performance and growth–not just from an academic perspective, but a social-emotional view as well. We use a modular lab approach to create unique, partner-based programming for each location. Our labs include opportunities for team-building, fitness, and homework support provided by our licensed teachers.

Partners may choose some or all of the activity labs below to meet their specific needs:

Homework Lab- Time devoted to supporting students in completing that day’s assignments. Springboard teachers guide students, according to the grade and skill level, toward understanding and successful completion of homework assignments.

Physical Lab- A wide variety of physical challenges and games that will get students moving using Springboard’s research-based physical fitness model, SPARK.

Challenge Lab- Fun and intellectually stimulating games that will activate students’ brainpower and competitive instincts. Students choose which activities they wish to participate in.

Reading Lab- Group reading of age-appropriate books led by teacher and/or students using Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum. Research has proven that students in schools using CKLA out-performed their peers on reading, science, and social studies measures.

Academic Lab- Direct teacher intervention and instruction on specific learning objectives. We align our instruction to match school learning techniques, special programs and objectives and reinforce these in our extended-day environment.

Team Lab- Structured activities that challenge students to work in groups and cooperate on a common objective. Springboard understands the direct link between positive social experiences and abilities and academic success.

Enrichment Lab- Specialized classes focused on specific fun activities and skills, such as cooking, robotics, chess, etc. Springboard works with parents and schools to deliver the right blend of fun and engaging enrichment classes.

Springboard Kids Learning Chart

At Springboard, we customize our programs based on the needs of our students, our families, and our school partners. The activities and labs are chosen based on the goals of individual schools.

The Springboard Difference

Some extended day programs focus strictly on sports-based or play activities, at Springboard we focus on the academic learning and social-emotional development to help students learn fundamental lessons.

Academic Learning – The Springboard model extends students’ learning time into out-of-school-time, actively supporting our partner schools’ ability to meet students’ academic needs. We focus on reading, writing, math and science—core academic skills—while also adding fun electives to expand student experiences into new domains.

Social-Emotional Development – Springboard creates ongoing opportunities for students to expand and refine their social and emotional capabilities, including leadership skills, empathy, interpersonal communication, teamwork and mindfulness. These skills will significantly impact students’ experience and performance, both during in-school and out-of-school time.

Student Access – Springboard is committed to making our programs accessible to a diverse array of families and students. Our scheduling and payment options are flexible to accommodate the needs and payment abilities of a wide variety of families. We also offer a number of attractive discounts – military, sibling and employee – that broaden the affordability of our programs for some families. We also have significant experience in managing state-funded voucher programs.

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