Why Extended Day?

At Springboard, we’re always thinking about ways our afterschool programs can help support families like yours. In a 2012 study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison called “Viewing After-School Programs Through the Family Impact Lens”, the benefits of afterschool care are explored.

The UWM study found several benefits of afterschool programs for the families they serve including:

  • Build students’ self-esteem and academic confidence.
  • Help students become better community members.
  • Create networks for parents.
  • Take the guesswork out of your child’s care, which means you can focus on a job that supports your family!

My son and I are absolutely thrilled with Springboard. He has done so much better in school with the extra help he receives on his homework each night. It used to be a battle to do homework or any extra school work at night...Now that he does it all at Springboard with their help, he understands the work. He is very excited and happy to go to Springboard each day.

– Cheryl L., Elementary Parent

Why Choose Springboard?

Research is clear: Parents want high-quality extended-day programs that improve academic achievement!

Springboard Education in America offers a truly balanced approach to extended day learning and is light years beyond traditional after-school models. We are committed to promoting the academic and social-emotional well-being of your child. Our program is designed to be fun, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fitness as well as targeted homework support. This approach ensures a child who attends Springboard on a regular basis will likely demonstrate stronger school skills during the day.

How Springboard Differs From Other Extended-Day Providers:

  • Programs on-site at children’s school for convenience and safety.
  • Guided homework support from licensed teachers.
  • Fun, research-based activities that make the best of afterschool time.
  • Curriculum designed to help your child do better in school.
  • Frequent communication between the Springboard team, families, and teachers.
  • Various scheduling and payment options to fit our families’ schedules.

From the blog…

Community-Based Enrichment

At Springboard we recognize the importance of integrating fun with academics. As a parent, you should know nurturing your child’s intellectual growth and self-esteem are our primary goals — everyday. Also, we make sure your child’s interests and passions are nurtured through integrated lessons that focus on the whole child. At select locations we offer elective enrichment activities in addition to our extended day programs. Our activities are taught by community experts and cover a variety of topics including STEM, sports, and the arts. These programs are designed to be fun, with a focus on building skills that enrich children’s lives.

The objective of our enrichment programs is to provide fun, quality extracurricular activities that build children’s social and emotional well-being. Our enrichment programs focus on a variety of subjects including STEM, sports, and art. Experiences in these areas can lead to more well-rounded individuals.

Enrichment activities are offered several times per year at select schools.

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