Springboard Acquires Kids’ Ad…

Springboard Education has acquired Kids’ Adventures, a before- and afterschool provider in the Denver, CO area. With this acquisition we have expanded our school footprint to 108 sites nationally, including 43 schools in Colorado.

While many afterschool providers focus primarily on recreational activities, Springboard has a strong focus on academic programming, utilizing research-based programming to reinforce classroom learning with fun and engaging activities. We have been growing rapidly for the past two years through new partnerships with leading school districts; the acquisition of Kids’ Adventures expands on this growth strategy through the acquisition of an existing program provider. Springboard expects to acquire other local after school companies and is currently in active discussions with several potential businesses.

Joseph Olchefske, CEO Springboard Education, stated, “Springboard is currently delivering our high-quality, academically-oriented program to over 6000 students at over 100 schools in 11 states. One of our key goals is to have our programming reach even more students throughout the country, so I see the Kids’ Adventures acquisition as the first of many as we continue to expand Springboard in the coming years.”

Tom O’Connor, CEO and Founder of Kids’ Adventures, commented, “When I founded Kids’ Adventures in 2003 my goal was to provide high-quality care for students and families who need it. While I have had great success in the past 15 years, I feel the sale of Kids’ Adventures to Springboard has positioned our programs to take this mission to the next level.”

To learn more about Springboard acquisitions, contact: info@springboardkids.com